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Buy Local, Bank Local

Buy Local, Bank Local

The Benefits of Supporting Local Businesses and Banks

With so many different choices, it can be difficult to decide which businesses and banking institutions will meet your needs. Overall, small businesses and community-based financial institutions, like First State Bank, meet the needs of their customers with the added bonus of positive investments within the community. When you choose to buy and bank local, your money makes a positive impact. Here’s how.

Local Business and Banking is Sustainable

Because local businesses require less transportation than other businesses, buying local will lessen your carbon footprint. This is especially important when it comes to food. Purchasing your food from local grocery stores or farmer’s markets is one of the most eco-friendly ways to purchase your groceries. When food and other products are produced and sold locally, it reduces transportation costs and supports a business model that doesn’t rely on cheaply made products, underpaid labor or wasteful transportation.

Banking locally is just as important as shopping locally. When you decide to bank locally, you’re making the conscious decision to support an institution that puts the needs of your community—and your community’s small businesses—first.

Local Shopping and Banking Helps Your Community Thrive

When you bank and shop locally, you are investing in local financial institutions and businesses that help your community succeed. Local businesses and financial institutions like First State Bank volunteer their time at community events and contribute to philanthropic causes.  Ultimately, making the decision to buy and bank locally ensures your community is able to continue thriving. 

Community Banking and Local Businesses Benefit Customers, Not Corporations

Local banks and businesses are focused on doing what is best for their customers, because they are deeply invested in the happiness and success of the community—because they’re members of that community too. Larger banks and businesses, on the other hand, tend to be focused on profits.  Small businesses and financial institutions truly value their customers and strive to make sure they get the best savings and have the most positive experience possible.

Local Institutions Provide Better, More Personal Service

Local banks and businesses are members of the community and tend to know their customers by name and want to build personal relationships with the people they serve.

Ultimately, choosing to spend and invest your money within your own community gives it a far more positive impact than when it’s used elsewhere. If building a thriving, successful and close-knit community is valuable to you, strongly consider purchasing from local businesses and banking with First State Bank.

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