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3 Hidden Vacation Spots That Won?t Break the Bank

3 Hidden Vacation Spots That Won?t Break the Bank

The Best Destinations for Summertime Travel

The temperature is rising, schools are letting out for break and community pools are opening up. It’s summer, and that means vacation. These next few months are the perfect time for you and your family to enjoy some quality time together, go on a little adventure or escape from the ruckus of everyday life for a moment. If the thought of a pricey summer vacation in a busy destination sounds like your worst nightmare, consider traveling to one of these hidden Texas gems.

Go Glamping Near Austin

If popular Internet sites like Pinterest are any indicator, glam-camping – more commonly known as “glamping” – is trending right now. Glamping has all the outdoor adventure you love without sacrificing the luxuries of an indoor vacation. This vacation is a good fit for small families on a budget that want to spend some quality time together away from the commotion of daily life without having to commit to sleeping in a tent. For less than $200 a night, you can rent an Airstream camper near Austin. By day, you can find entertainment in the city, and by night, you can sit around the campfire with your family.

Learn Some Texas History in Huntsville

An excellent vacation getaway for history buffs or nature enthusiasts, Huntsville has an abundance of museums, historic cultural districts, and a beautiful state park. This vibrant little city situated in the Piney Woods of East Texas is perfect for a quick weekend getaway or longer vacations with the whole family. Sam Houston’s hometown has something for everyone, and, with an array of places to stay—including bed & breakfasts, campsites and hotels—Huntsville is sure to suit any family’s vacation needs.

Kick Back and Relax in Buffalo Gap

This village near Abilene is ideal for the vacationer who needs to take a break from the hustle and bustle of North Texas. With quaint lodgings, home-style restaurants and an outdoor museum, Buffalo Gap is sure to provide visitors with a relaxing summer getaway. If you’ve never really considered yourself to be a city person, this small town in West Texas is the ideal place to take a step back from all the clamor and movement of city life.

Summer vacation shouldn’t be a stressful event. Luckily, the Lone Star State has plenty of destinations that will fit your budget, entertain your family and give you the peace of mind a summer vacation should bring. Happy traveling!

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