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Meet Cindy McCullough

Meet Cindy McCullough

First State Bank Sherman Business Development Board

Meet: Cindy McCullough

We’re excited to introduce our fifth and final Sherman Business Development Board member, Cindy McCullough, insurance agent and co-owner of McCullough & Pierson Insurance! In our previous blog, we introduced Lawrence Davis, who you can read about here.

Born and raised in Grayson County, Cindy always knew she wanted to start a family in Sherman. Family is her why – everything she does is centered around her family life. And as an active member of the community since 2003, she has been dedicated to helping the town expand and flourish because she wants this community to be something her kids are proud of.

“My absolute favorite thing is the feeling of a small town. I love being a part of a community that is welcoming and treats you like a friend,” Cindy said. “Everyone is so supportive of each other, and you just feel a sense of belonging and wanting to make our community the best there is.” 

Throughout her experiences with various organizations in Sherman, she has developed relationships with a wide variety of business owners, realtors and nonprofits. Because of her deep roots in the community, we knew she would be a huge asset to our Business Development Board.

Cindy is also a loyal customer at First State Bank.

“After working with First State Bank, I knew that they were different. From day one, they treated me as if I was family and worked tirelessly to help us with our business,” Cindy said. “My hope is to help build awareness of First State Bank and the incredible team they have put together.”

We’re eager to grow in the Sherman community with the help of Cindy’s dedication to this community. To learn more about our Sherman Business Development Board, click here.

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