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First State Bank Sherman Business Development Board

First State Bank Sherman Business Development Board

We’re back to introduce another one of our Sherman Business Development Board members! In our previous blog, we introduced Joe Brown, who you can read about here. This week, we’re highlighting Drue Bynum, the director of business development for Real Practices Inc. and dedicated member of our Sherman Business Development Board.

At First State Bank, family is our number one priority. Our team strives to make sure every customer feel like they’re supported in all their financial needs. We treat our neighbors like family so they have everything they need to take care of theirs, and our Business Development Board members share this commitment. Drue is a great example.

“Family means you are always there to help shoulder the burden,” Drue said. “You don’t judge; you love. You don’t always condone, but you don’t ever condemn. When First State Bank says, ‘We treat you like family’, we mean that in the sincerest way imaginable. Family will always have your back!”

From Pottsboro, Texas, Drue is invested in this community and has a unique perspective on life in the area. He’s met and befriended folks from all walks of life and knows the importance of having a great team at his side. And through his relationships and ties to Sherman, Drue is eager to partner with First State Bank and help the community thrive.

From the moment he found out First State Bank was expanding to the Sherman area, Drue wanted to be a part of our rich history of service to our communities.

“I want to continue seeing the bank grow while never compromising their serviceoriented approach to banking,” said Drue. “We’ve got great people, abundant resources and a great way of life here in Sherman. I want to do all I can to not only maintain those things but enhance them as well.” We can’t wait to grow and prosper in this community with the help of our board members! To learn more about our Sherman Business Development Board, click here.

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