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First State Bank Sherman Business Development Board

First State Bank Sherman Business Development Board

We’re so excited to continue introducing each of our Sherman Business Development Board members! In our previous blog, we introduced Robin Phillips, who you can read more about here. This week, we’re highlighting Joe Brown, a devoted board member and local attorney in the Sherman community. 

Our Business Development Board further supports our devotion to building strong financial foundations for our customers. With the board, we can gain a deeper understanding of our community so we can make decisions with our neighbors’ needs in mind. 

The members of the board not only share our values here at First State Bank, but also our desire to grow and help more families. Because Joe was born and raised in Sherman, he is so passionate about this community and is excited to help us better serve our customers. “This is where I have raised my family, where I grew up and where I plan to retire," Brown said. "My family is invested in this community, and I feel a responsibility to help make it better.” 

And though his family has lived in Sherman for generations, the meaning of family goes beyond just his household. To him, family is those who you love and who love you. He said one of the great things about being in a small community is that he has other families. He has his church family, his close friends and his neighbors, who all support him. This is the exact feeling we want our customers to experience when they join First State Bank.

His favorite part about Sherman is that it’s just the right size for his family. It’s big enough to have great amenities, but small enough that you know your neighbors and feel like you are part of something. He likes the idea of a Texas-based bank that has been around as long as First State Bank has. "The First State Bank team in Grayson County is full of really good folks – people I know have a good heart and want to make the community better," Brown said. "I wanted to be part of that."

When we asked him to join our team, he was ecstatic. With his passion for Sherman combined with his involvement in politics, charities, church activities and more, we’re confident he can help our team get to know the community, and the community get to know us!

To learn more about our Sherman Business Development Board, click here.

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